Monday, March 21, 2005


Would You Like Credit With That?

I am hoping the National (NAB) hasn't fallen victim to a great marketing evil.

After completing my over the counter transaction ($3.00 Fee), I was asked if I was thinking about buying property. It is one of the most annoying marketing schemes in history, asking the customer if they want something other than what they asked for. Especially in a bank where you are going with a distinct purpose.

I would have been especially annoyed if I had waited the usual half an hour in the queue.

Perhaps the National should improve its poor customer service, before it starts adding ads to our banking.

More likely they will try ask the questions before, when they know you aren't likely to run screaming.

Sunday, March 20, 2005


Patrick v Virgin, Quantus Wins

Richard Branson must be upset. He just lost control of a Virgin branded company: Virgin Blue.His 'partners' Patrick now have a controlling share and an ego. Will Patrick doom Virgin Blue? I don't know.But they wont hurt Quantus.

I have flown Quantus and Virgin and the differences are not much. Quantus and Virgin have been slugging it out over airfares for a while. The question is have they learned the lesson?

Coles Myer has two different supermarkets: Coles and BiLo. Coles ihas the greater variety, better locations and longer hours. BiLo has the cheaper products and lower costs. And Coles Myer is better for the difference.

Quite simplely you can't please all customers with one product. And customers also like an apparent bargain. If Quantus can sustain Jet Star as a different airline, they will get they benefit of both ends of the market and the apparent bargain. Flying to Cairns for fifty dollars less each way will make the mark [sic consumer] believe the trip was a bargain and encourage them to go. Meaning more travelers, volume and profit.

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