Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Pages Per Minute

Most of the time when I look at a printer's specs, I don't care about it's pages per minute speed.

However, at work I have realised that pages per minute can make a big difference to you liking a printer. The time you spend waiting for a colour forty four page, two up, double sided printout (eleven sheets) can be huge. Especially when you are printing five copies out for a review. Our new HP prints about six pages a second for that configuration. That's nine minutes wait for a print job. Which unfortunately is well beyond the patience level of the ADD generations.

Colour matching is also a concern. This printout was design in black, greys, dark blue, dark orange, and dark brown. It colours came out as black, red, blue, and orange; not leaving a good impression.

Colour printers will never be an office staple unless they can match the black and white speed of twenty four pages a minute (two and a quater minutes for the above print job), and produce closer colour matching.

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